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Festive Cake Pops and Homemade Cakes

Add a festive touch to your next gathering with homemade cupcakes and cake pops from Delectable Bits & Bites in El Sobrante, California. Let us know what design you'd like and we'll prepare custom-made treats.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a 2.5-inch ball of cake on a stick, coated with chocolate and decorated with pretty designs. The designs range from bumblebees, ladybugs, and other characters to fancier options such as pearls for more formal events.

The cake pops come in yellow cake, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, carrot cake, and other flavors. The frostings include vanilla, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. The coatings can be customized for the events or designed to the theme. A minimum order is a dozen, which is $24 for one flavor of cake and one type of chocolate.

Tiffany Cake Pops - Homemade Cakes


Choose from a great selection of customizable homemade cakes including yellow cake, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, carrot cake, 7-Up™ cake, coconut, and peanut butter. The frosting choices include cream cheese, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, butter cream (in a variety of flavors), and strawberry.

The rectangular cakes are available in 9" x 13" and 18" x 26", and circular and square cakes in 8", 9", and 10" sizes. A standard layer is 2" to 2.5" inches tall. Cake prices start at $25 for basic cakes and frosting, $35 for specialty cakes.

Contact us in El Sobrante, California, to learn more about homemade cakes.